Digital Imaging Solutions for Life Science and Industry


Diskovery Platform

Spinning Disk Confocal Platform from Spectral Applied Research

X-Light Spinning Disc Confocal Imager

X‐LIGHT Spinning Disc Confocal Imager

from Crisel Electrooptical Systems & Technology SRL

iLas dual laser illuminatior hardware

iLas2 System

TIRF/FRAP/Ablation System from Roper Scientific

Aries Integrated Microscopy System frame

Aries Integrated Microscopy Systems

modular microscopy systems from BioVision Technologies

Lumencor Spectra-X controller with filter paddles

Lumencor Light Engines

The future of fluorescence illumination is here!

Azure Biosystems Gel Documentation System

Azure Biosystems Gel Documentation Systems

Compact, multi‐modal, field‐upgradeable

Evolve 512 Delta camera head

Evolve 512 Delta

from Photometrics

Fastest and most optimized camera for super resolution applications

Neo camera head


from PCO AG

Low-noise high‐resolution high‐dynamic‐range high‐speed scientific CMOS camera

Orca‐Flash4.0camera head

Orca‐Flash4.0 V2

from Hamamatsu Photonics

High‐resolution, high‐speed, low-noise cooled 16‐bit scientific CMOS sensor camera

Head of Rolera EM-C2 camera

Rolera EM‐C2

from QImaging

14‐bit high‐speed, high‐resolution EMCCD camera

Meta Imaging Series Software

Meta Imaging Series Software

MetaMorph, MetaFluor and MetaVue from Molecular Devices, Inc.