iVision‐Mac™: Imaging and Automation for Science

Complete Imaging Package

iVision‐Mac is image acquisition, processing, measurement, and analysis software. iVision‐Mac directly supports the acquisition of images and time-lapse series. Sophisticated imaging processes or even simple routines can be automated down to the push of a single button through the use of the intuitive scripting tool. There is no need to learn Visual Basic or other programming languages when you want to automate your imaging routines. Also, fully integrated extensions easily automate microscope control by driving motorized microscope hardware.

Our team of scientists and engineers designed iVision‐Mac to include the full set of tools needed to build imaging, analysis, and automated solutions for the laboratory. Free camera controls let you acquire images from any camera we support. Extensions (such as Deconvolution and Motion Control) smoothly integrate new processing, analysis, and hardware control commands into iVision‐Mac.

iVision‐Mac is a proven solution worldwide, and can be found in hundreds of citations in the most prestigious journals every year. Since its creation, thousands of scientists have incorporated iVision‐Mac into their research.

Image Processing

iVision‐Mac includes a full suite of image processing features and tools. Not only do these tools allow you to enhance image quality when necessary, but they also make it easy to analyze the image by separating objects or areas of interest from the background. With iVision‐Mac, you can easily combine multiple image sequences and readily blend grayscale (e.g. DIC) images with fluorescence image sequences. iVision‐Mac also gives you the ability to process and visualize 3D images with the included 3D extension. The 3D visualization tool renders sequences of images in the X or Y plane, or in a tumble mode. You can pseudocolor the rendered image for enhanced image visualization.


Using spatially calibrated images with the automated measurement tools, scientists can quickly and easily perform dozens of image processing tasks. The resulting data can be saved in iVision‐Mac, or opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis. User definable plots and histograms are also included to present the data as desired. iVision‐Mac also includes densitometry measurements that can be used to plot an analysis such as mean intensity over time. iVision‐Mac supports the measurement of individual objects, regions of interest, and entire images. iVision‐Mac performs batch analysis of images and sequences using file lists and indexed files.


Using iVision‐Mac's highly integrated user interface, you can move seamlessly between controlling hardware, acquiring images, and processing and analyzing data. With the appropriate automated hardware and extensions, iVision‐Mac fully automates many imaging routines. This includes the acquisition of time-lapse images, Z-stacks, and multi-dimensional images.

iVision‐Mac is a trademark of BioVision Technologies, Inc, Exton, PA.