MetaMorph, MetaFluor, and MetaVue

Microscopy software from Molecular Devices

Combining the most flexible and powerful tools for image acquisition, processing, and analysis, MetaMorph® imaging systems offer a complete solution for even the most demanding live-cell imaging needs.


Software Features

Acquisition & Device Control
MetaMorph device control makes acquisition fast and easy, allowing the integration of automated microscopes and a variety other hardware devices into a single, intuitive acquisition interface.
Image Display & Processing
Image display and processing tools are crucial for performing accurate image analysis, and MetaMorph offers a complete toolbox of advanced features in this area, from background subtraction and shading correction, to morphology filters and an interactive 4D Viewer.
Image Analysis
MetaMorph offers analysis tools to handle everything from simple intensity logging to advanced morphometry analysis, colocalization, FRET, 3D measurements, and more. Optional Application Modules perform assay-specific analysis, such as counting nuclei or assessing cell cycle phases, in a simple wizard-like interface.
Powerful and easy-to-use journal (macro) functions in MetaMorph enable users to further automate acquisition, processing, and common analysis routines, while custom toolbars and menus provide users quick access to commonly used menu options, taskbars, and journals.


In the progressive field of imaging, system versatility is of foremost importance. MetaMorph offers tailored solutions for a full range of applications:

  • 3D deconvolution
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Angiogenesis/ Endothelial tube formation
  • Brightness measurements
  • Cell counting
  • Cell cycle
  • Cell migration
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell viability
  • Colocalization
  • Cytotoxicity and apoptosis
  • Deconvolution
  • Densitometry
  • Fluorescence overlay
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
  • Fluorescence immunocytochemistry
  • Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Fluorescence
  • Live/Dead
  • Morphometry
  • Motion analysis & particle tracking
  • Mitosis
  • Monopole detection
  • Multi-dimensional imaging
  • Neurite outgrowth/ process extension
  • Ratio and calcium imaging
  • Receptor internalization
  • Stitching
  • Time lapse
  • Tissue imaging
  • Volume measurements
  • Z series


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