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MetaVue Imaging System: Cost-Effective Bioimaging

The MetaVue™ Imaging System is the cost-effective solution for basic imaging applications such as digital photography, multi-wavelength fluorescence, image processing and image analysis. MetaVue is a simple, easy-to-use system for acquiring and processing images, performing graphics functions, and archiving and retrieving images.

A Typical MetaVue Imaging System

A Typical MetaVue Imaging System

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For multi-mode microscopy, MetaVue is able to acquire multiple fluorescence wavelengths combined with a transmitted light image. Images can be stacked into one file and saved as a Stack file format, then processed or measured all at once in one easy step.

With the MetaVue system's modular architecture, expanding the software is simple and allows the system to grow as your imaging needs change. Compatibility with MetaMorph® and MetaFluor® offers a well-defined upgrade path.

Acquisition Options

  • Digital CCD cameras, both monochrome and color, including: cooled, full frame, frame transfer, interline, back thinned, intensified and on-chip multiplication gain, from major manufacturers
  • Video cameras, both monochrome and color, including: RS-170, CCIR, on-chip integration, intensified, CCD and tube, from major manufacturers

Standard Features

  • Binary, 8-, 16-, 24- and 48-bit (RGB) image and stack display and processing including arithmetic operations, shading correction and background subtraction
  • Binary image morphology operators
  • Color combine and color separate 24- or 48-bit images
  • Region of interest tools
  • Auto-expose from digital cameras
  • Image annotation
  • QuickTime® or AVI formats for the creation of movies
  • Image histogram
  • Customizable toolbars and windows
  • Data logging to text file or spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel®
  • Automation through journals and taskbars

Optional Features

  • Morphometry analysis
  • Brightness measurements
  • Image overlays

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